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Meet the Directors and Admin Staff of PPRS

Beverly Seemann - CEO


PPRS was founded by Beverly Seemann in 2004. She is renowned for her work with children who exhibit behavior difficulties. She has extensive experience with individuals with autism and deafness. She has attended many professional seminars to keep up to date on current treatments and services available for children and their special needs as well as the unique needs of the entire family. Beverly has four children, three with disabilities, one with Asperger’s Syndrome and three with hearing loss. Beverly has extensive experience with diagnoses, including: Down’s Syndrome, global delays, multiple diagnosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder and genetic syndromes.

Joshua Shipman - CFO


Joshua Shipman is our chief financial officer and joined PPRS in 2016. Joshua is the father of three children and a 21 year veteran of the US Army where he served as an Equal Opportunity Employment Advocate and a Communications Engineer specializing in contract procurement and financial planning for the Department of Defense. 

Jessica Gervasi - Field Supervisor/ CPR instructor


Jessica Gervasi joined our administration team in 2017. Jessica is a single mother of two teenage sons. She is a certified brain injury specialist and has managed two residential group home and supervised brain injury technicians. Jessica has been a caregiver and homemaker here at PPRS and is now conducting monitorings and intakes. 

Jessica is a single mother of two teenage boys. She was born in Long Island New York, and came to Colorado when she was 6 years old.  Jessica attended in Illinois for business management and has extensive healthcare experience being a brain injury specialist and manager to hands on care.  Jessica loves working in the healthcare field it’s very rewarding.

Tiffany Hutson - Chief Technology Officer/ CPR Instructor


Tiffany has been with PPRS in some form or another since inception. Her roles have and are constantly changing. 

Tiffany has a son diagnosed Landau Kleffner syndrome and Autism, that is 22 years old. She knowledgable and constantly keeps up with new medical advances for Autism and seizure disorder treatments, and behaviors. She also advocates for children in the public school setting. She also has adopted a 3 year old girl with drug related issues that was addicted from birth. 

Tiffany is heavily involved in the Teller County community and manages respite care and intakes in Teller County,